Carnifex teaser

Hi there fellow MMC fans! Turnman here with a status report. Yes, like the tittle says, this webpage is still alive. While the Facebook MMC Hub group has been active the webpage on the other hand has been in slumber mode. It is just easier that way if you don’t have the free time to update. There is also the fact that FB just makes things easier for people to not have to leave FB. In that regard the FB group has been doing pretty well in getting the latest MMC related news thanks to fan input.

Im also updating the site because there are good news brewing as I write this. We are growing and people are taking notice of the benefits of having a big concentration of MMC fans in one place. You can see that I’ve posted a few pictures of a special work in processbased around this guy:


Yeah, him. And if all goes well, people show interest and we keep growing as a group this project might end up being more than just another cool custom.


So that is all for now. In a few days expect to see a special article centered around certain big lipped robot. Stay tuned.


Yes, the webpage is alive