Kultur contest pic


We want YOU to come up with a cool idea for a repaint for the MMC Reformatted R-19 Kultur. You can base it around TF lore, be it G1, G2, G69, Shattered Glass or that overpowered TF you came up with in 5th grade whatever, we just want something that makes the Kultur mold look cool. Doesnt mean an actual repaint will come out of all of this but who knows, right?

Since not everyone has been bitten by a radioactive copy of Photoshop, we will provide clear pics of Kultur for easy coloring curtesy of TFW’s Hardreturn. You can print and color them by hand or let your kids have a go if you want (you will be responsible for the entry).

The grand prize winner will get: One unit of MMCs Reformatted R-28 Tyrantron.

If, and only IF MMC falls in love enough with the design and decides to make it real, the party responsible for it will also receive a copy of the resulting toy.

Participating is important. It shows MMC that fans are involved and also that giving some prizes to the MMC Hub now and then is worth it. If we can get a big number of contestants, MMC will provide more prizes. Same thing if we break the 1k member barrier.


– Any Mastermind Creations fan member of the MMC Hub Facebook group can participate.
– Submissions are to be emailed to kulturcontest@mmc-hub.com starting now.
– There is no limit to the amount of submissions one can enter as long as they arrive before the closing date of February 28th 11:59 pm US EST.
– Entries must be in a traditional and easy to open image file.
– Subject of the email must be Kultur contest and in the message tell us the name you use on Facebook and who the repaint represents, if its supposed to represent anybody/thing in particular, or the inspiration for your scheme. Keep it short. I know it is fantastic but we dont have time to read everyones 100 page fanfiction essay.
– IMPORTANT: after youve send you email, post in this thread:
Just a simple message saying you have participated in the contest. You will get a reply to confirm we got your repaint ideas (might take 24/48h for a reply but just wait). Thread will be pinned and heavily moderated to only leave participants entry messages. Try to send all your ideas in a single email.
– From out of all the entries received the MMC Hub staff and the higher ups over at Mastermind Creations will pick the ones that we consider the coolest ideas. (Remember, you dont need to be a Photoshop God to enter). These will be the runners up. The grand prize winner, as well as second and first places, will be decided by a final voting made by MMC Hub members (that means you). Mastermind Creations and the MMC Hub reserve to right to hand out other honorable mentions or special prizes if they choose so.
– If it so happens that two or more participants get the SAME EXACT IDEA, the one we receive first is the one that will be considered first.
– Depending on the rate of submissions, a single post or periodical ones will be made showcasing peoples ideas for all to see.
– Try to have fun!

Kultur base

Kultur base B&W

The Mastermind Creations and the MMC Hub Kultur Repaint Contest