Enter RE:Mix Jaguar, something the kids will not understand

If you like Transformers since the early days then you know what a cassette is. Soundwave’s minionshave always been mini cassettes but in terms of scale they have always been a bit small. The Mastermind Creations RE:Mix line revisits these tiny bots taking a retro look.


Ravage here, I mean “Jaguar”, sports a mix of plastic and diecast parts to make a robust cassette ready to patrol our workdesk.Here’s hoping this subline succeeds and gives us many small pets to procrastinate with.


Bugs, bugs everywhere!!

And let thebug war escalate!! Next up in the Ocular Max line from Mastermind Creations are the Insecticons!



Potestas, Calcitrant and Inflector sport a simple looks that makes for a very clean set of bug bots.

kick (1)

shrap (1)















MMC Bombshel greylR (1)

MMC Bombshel purplelR (2)















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Ocular Max Q&A session about the upcoming MP style NotDefensor

OM Defensor



Last week renders of a certain fireman TF were revealed. The place of origin of said pics was the Ocular Max website. OM is MMC’s label for Masterpiece style 3P toys influenced by the Studio OX aesthetics. The reveal of NotHot Spot, or “Maximas Pro” also meant something big and new: the first combiner to go for the MP niche.

Defensor has been getting a lot of attention lately with TFC Prometheus, Maketoys upcoming Guardia and even Hasbro with their Combiner Wars Defensor. So, what does MMC’s version under their OM label have to offer? I asked members of the tfw2005 boards if they had any questions about the upcoming combiner. MMC’s in-house designer, Griffith76, has been kind enough to share some answers about the project. Please remember to take this with a pinch of salt since the project is still subject to change. And so, without further delay:


– How big is the combined mode?

Combined should be around 15″.

– Is it scramble city compatible?

Full scramble.

– Will all 5 members be unique molds?

They will look different in both modes but some might share certain parts in the areas that are not significant, for example mechanisms or joints.

Studio OX style Defensor

– Will they be sticking rigidly to g1 vehicles (aesthetically) like they are with Sphinx? For example, will Streetwise resemble an 80’s Nissan 300ZX.

We are going for the OX look but updating as and when necessary. OX is basically G1 toys on steriods and certain parts might be outdated. Initially I attempted to try more realistic vehicle models for the alt mode but it doesn’t look good combined. So its gonna be something close to G1/OX but simplified to make the combiner look clean and neat.

– How big is Hot Spot going to be?

Nothing is fully confirmed but Hot Spot should be around 8.6″.

– Are the limbs going to be MP car size? (assuming they all fall into line with Streetwise).

Limbs are tentatively 7″.

– When is the projected release for the first member? (I know things change but it’d be nice to see if it’s time to start saving now or if we have a bit of time to wait).

No promises on release. The revealing of the CG is accidental anyway.

– Will it have die-cast?

No diecast. Combiners should never have diecast especially at that size.

– General question not specific to Max Maximas Pro: What will be indicative of this line? Other than OX style with MP scale; what else are they trying to achieve/accomplish with the Perfection Series?

The combiners are solely handled by me alone so the aesthetics are gonna be quite different from the other individual figures in the line. I don’t know what the others try to achieve but I do believe that all the guys who are involved in this line are passionate and proud of what they do with this line. I’m just saying this on my own but I think what we are achieve in this line is to create definitive versions of the characters. Meaning we intend not just to outdo other groups but TT themselves. Saying that I can’t guarantee all the figures in the line will be the best representations of the characters or the best versions around, but we will be trying our best.

BTW, the rest of ox should have some diecast, just not combiners.






Updates banner

Time for some updates. The MMC Hub blog has been sitting in the dark while the FB group has been flourishing (we are getting close to having 500 members!); Well, now it’s time to direct some of the attention here. So expect to see more movement here in the coming weeks.

It’s been a good year start; MMC has been releasing stuff like the INCREDIBLY articulated Cynicus. As you can see below, the menacing sniper has a love for music!



Eupatorium and Salvia Promion are also out are ready to strike poses like few bots can (well, maybe Cynicus has something to say to that).

Strike a pose Cynicus!

And we couldn’t be talking about fembots without mentioning our dear Zinnia. Yes, the flaps are ready. Patching out the final bugs in the ordering system for them. Yes, those of you that want them will get them. I haven’t forgotten 😉

Flappity Flaps Banner big

Also remember that if you are getting MMC’s R-10 Salvia Prominon you will find inside of her box a little bag with a pair of Zinnia flaps, so no need to order any if you changed your mind.

MMC’s Ocular Max line of MP – Studio OX inspired TF has been popping up too. Sphinx is still on track and we’ve had the reveal of OM take on Hot Spot, aka “Maximas Pro“.



Fire truck Ocular Max


You know, that guy that gets together with his buddies to form Defensor!! This will be the first 3P Mp style combiner. The torso mode and one of the limbs I have seen look awesome so I’m sooo looking forward to this combiner team!


And we can’t forget about certain sexy lipped fellow that has been showing up recently. Might have a split personality but just his gigantic size will tower over any bot that wants to pick on him for that. Can’t wait to see your lips in person Carnifex!!

Carnifex Carnifex 2

Zinnia Flaps!!


Want to dress up your Zinnia?? Well, now is your lucky day cuz the MMC Hub has found common ground with MMC to solve the issue with the Zinnia flaps. Mastermind Creations will supply the highly coveted flaps for the Reformatted medic BUT it is up to the Hub to distribute them to those that want them. The catch? You pay the shipping. So if you want a pair of flaps just go to the MMC Hub Facebook group to find out where you can make your order.

Please specify the number of pairs you need and where you live so we can get started on a shipping quote for you.
This is a one chance offer, I mean it; once I give MMC the total order I won’t be able to add any more flaps so please share this info with your friends and contacts


Should MMC Zinnia include Panel Flaps and Swords?

Should Zinnia include Panel Flaps? Swords? Both? Over at the TFW forums MMC Hubster Zfarsh started a poll a few days ago asking what people thought of the lack of parts in MMC latest fembot release (aka Zinnia) compared to Azalea.


In his last message Zfarsh nails it perfectly:

“Hi Everyone.

I had recently created a Poll to see about how many fans here actually found that the MMC Zinnia lacking the flaps / swords would be a problem, or at least they would want it included, other than myself. Some also wanted to know if it is a vocal minority.

On MMC HUB in their facebook page, I have made a thread / comment that Zinnia’s Flaps / Guns are missing in the MMC Hub to get fans to realise and comment on it:


If fans can join to politely comment on this thread, giving your opinions, and showing MMC their is an organized group that can give very valid feedbacks in a polite and respectful manner.

The MMC Hub is currently trying to get MMC to address the Zinnia issue with some valid solutions, and the more join, the greater the leverage Turnman will have

Thank you in advance for those that can voice their opinion on the link shown.”


So let’s unite together to change things!!!

Interview with MMC’s Griffith76 (part 2)

Here is the second part of the interview with MMC’s Griffith76. Get ready for some big news 😉

If you haven’t read the first one, better stop here first:


If you want to see the “uncensored lols” version, join the MMC Hub FB group to learn the password!!




To some animals aren’t as classy as cars.

We have cars. Just flying ones without wheels lol.

But you are yet to experiment with realistic altmodes… Some see MMC as the animal/thing specialists.

Well reformatted is a “Cybertronian” based line. We are sorta experimenting with some semi “realistic” altmode designs.


Interview with MMC’s Griffith76 (part 2 uncensored)

Here is the second part of the interview with MMC’s Griffith76. Get ready for some big news 😉

If you haven’t read the first one, better stop here first:




To some animals aren’t as classy as cars.

We have cars. Just flying ones without wheels lol.

But you are yet to experiment with realistic altmodes… Some see MMC as the animal/thing specialists.

Well reformatted is a “Cybertronian” based line. We are sorta experimenting with some semi “realistic” altmode designs.