Due to a lucky design choice in the way Leo Dux’s transforms, Feral Rex can have three different leg extension locking settings. You can have a more bulky squat Rex, normal setting Rex and Úber Tall Rex. The first and last option are not official but nonetheless they open up display options to Rex owners. But if you like to handle a lot your giant king of the untamed you might find that the locking is not always that secure.

I’ve decided to use pieces of rubber bands to at extra force to the plastic springs that lock the parts.

Here you can see how Leo/Rexe’s leg looks once taken apart:



The little pieces that look like horned bulls are the plastic springs. There are two. One for each side of the leg. The “horn” parts are the ones that lock into the small groove on the inside of the legs.





Cut a rubber band into pieces that can fit inside the leg, below the “horns”. You could also use pieces of an eraser cut to size but it has to be a good one. The one I had available clumbled easily.




The extra rubbery material will help the springs enter the grooves with more force. Once you’ve done this on both sides of the leg you are done!


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