To have this elbow bending mod actually work for anything you first need to do the part 1 of the elbow mod. You can find it here:

Elbow bending mod for Feral Rex (part 1)

Now, to take further advantage of the elbow articulation mod cut a bit of the piece with the tail on Talon. Like I said in the part 1 of the mod, that plate, which Tigris also has, limits how much the elbow can bent after the mod.

Used a dremel to remove part of the plastic fast and easy.

Elbow bending mod part 2


Make a continuation of the circle like in the pic below.



Elbow bending mod detail


Now the piece slides perfectly on the rail I created locking in place when I it moves. I don’t even have to move it, it just slides by itself when I bend the elbow.




So with all the mods I can get this articulation out of Talon (Tigris has not been modified in any way).

Really happy with the results!


Tai-chi Rex
Tai-chi Rex

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