Here’s a modification on the arms to increase arm articulation on Feral Rex.

Here is the gained articulation form the elbow joint:



….and here with the extra [portion] of the hip joint:

If you remove the waist filler piece (on Talon it holds the tail), you get even more (about a 75º bend when using the hip joint, too)!


Mastermind Creations Feral Rex – Modifying the Arm Articulation:

There are two ways to do this: One is easy the other one’s is over-complicated. I chose the second method.

Whatever method you choose, know that you will be cutting up your toy. It’s nothing extreme and it wont affect other workings of the toy, but maybe only the look of it, if you look carefully.
The piece that houses the ab crunch can ratchet more, but the rail that it follows stops it from moving more:





Cut plastic on both sides so that there is no plastic stopping the movement of the abs. I used a drill but a regular cutter works fine too:



The other way is to just simply use a cutter to eliminate the pegs that go into the rails:

Why do the second method instead of first method? Because you like to do impulsive mods without taking time out to find easier ways to do it, of course! Seriously, the second method could still be useful. If you want, see if covering the rails up a bit to create friction will make the elbow joint a bit tighter. I don’t know if that will work. Just cut the pegs if you want the same extra articulation made easier.

Here you can see that removing the waist cover lets you take full advantage of opening up the elbow articulation with the modification (you only get one extra click with the mod if you don’t remove the waist piece):



Cutting that piece in the right places will get you more articulation while also holding the part in place and still work with the tail (same with Tigris).

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