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Lot’s of members of the MMC Hub Facebook group showing how happy they are with their great pics of MMCs Refformated R-19 Kultur. The dude really evokes a commanding presence!! But what if there could be more? Dont get me wrong, MMC did a fantastic job given the small amount of material available for IDWs Tarn at the time the design was finalized; but I ask again, what if there could be more? Something to give our Kultur an extra cherry on top? If youve been following recently the TFWs Kultur thread, you might have heard some members there suggesting an upgrade set for Kultur and ideas for it. Stuff like a more curved faceplate, less overcompensating cannon, articulated hands Because, why not? A few months ago an upgrade kit for Carnifex was something MMC wasnt even going to bother with and now it is a reality, up for preorder on the webstore of your liking. And that was THANKS TO YOU! You who supported the idea of there being tiny tip people for Carnifex; you who said would be on board for an upgrade set, even if you werent a Masterforce fan to begin with; you who liked a 3P company listening to the fans… (BTW, thanks guys for showing so much support for the Carnifex upgrade kit, really)

So here we are again with a chance to show that listening to fans can also benefit companies. Post here your ideas of what you would consider cool additions to a possible upgrade set for Kultur. It might be cool little details or references or even stuff that by itself would probably not be popular enough to deserve a stand alone release. Now, just like with the Carnifex upgrade set, posting your ideas doesnt mean they will become reality or that there will be an upgrade set to begin with; but your support certainly is a step towards making it a reality. Again, just look at the Carnifex kit. So please like, post and share.


And now the big news. Ready? Ive already given you a wall of text above so Ill keep it short. Here it goes: Mastermind Creations is sponsoring a repaint contest for their fans in the MMC Hub. Bring your hidden artist out for all to see and you might end up winning something or, who knows, getting your idea turned into reality!! No need to be a Photoshop genius to participate. So stay tuned for information about prizes and the actual details about the contest.
Thanks for the time guys. And remember: make noise, constructive noise, show MMC you like them listening to you and that it is worth their time doing so.

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