Here is the second part of the interview with MMC’s Griffith76. Get ready for some big news 😉

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To some animals aren’t as classy as cars.

We have cars. Just flying ones without wheels lol.

But you are yet to experiment with realistic altmodes… Some see MMC as the animal/thing specialists.

Well reformatted is a “Cybertronian” based line. We are sorta experimenting with some semi “realistic” altmode designs.

But with a Cybertronian, sorry, I mean “Steelian” spin?

I won’t really say something is realistic unless they are based on real life vehicle models that exist. So let’s just say that what we are experimenting on ain’t gonna look alien.

But that would not fit the “Cybertronian” look associated with Reformatted. And HoS is dead…

Yeah these won’t fit under reformatted. And HOS isn’t realistic at all… well shockwave is kinda realistic. HOS ain’t exactly dead technically, more like it’s in a coma indefinitely

Wow, another line???

Sorta. Hmm more like a whole new label.

You quitting MMC????

No. But it’s kinda like my own label of sorts.

Griffith Toys?

No. You know I haven’t been really active with the reformatted line and all. Our current factory’s schedule is pretty much full with all the stuff that’s lined up for reformatted.

You’ve mention Studio Ox a lot…

Yep one of the bosses and myself loves studio Ox designs.

Interview with MMC’s Griffith76 part 2

You talked about expanding…

We’re still sourcing.

Wait, so this would be so different from Reformatted that you will use another factory for it?

Yeah we’re planning something that’s a cross of studio ox/MPish styling.



Sounds big, as in combined big…

Who said anything about combined?


Individual things making something bigger…

What are you getting at?

Hmm maybe I can show you something in private. But its gonna be confidential.

I swear I will not post this on FB and on a fanpage called MMC Hub *crosses fingers*.

I can’t tell you too much about stuff a lot of it is still in early stages.

You talked about there being another combiner before Abominus.

We don’t need people to get excited for things that will take a while before we can release any proper images. But yeah there will be combiners in this.

I already said I’d make all of them if resources and circumstances allow.

With alt modes that don’t look alien. Ox style. MP level/size.

Well I have a very deep respect for MP.


Well, I’m excited!

I won’t dare to call my designs MP if they can’t look or function as something on Takara’s level.

You have high goals.

I have high standards. I am a proud owner of the YF-30 Chronos ya know?

A wonder of engineering on Bandai’s part.

YF-30 a YF-30 b

Other companies are doing “MP” figures too.

Well what I want to achieve is more Ox than MP but it kinda fits.

What is MP anyways? The holy scale chart?

The reformatted stuff has always been a slightly larger scale than CHUG and we need that size for more intricate engineering.

Well I can’t guarantee that every single product in the new label/line will be done according to my personal standards since it’s still a team effort.

Some put Hexatron and the Feralcons with their MPs.

So far we have 3 designers on the team and one of them used to work in an established company that most if not everyone would know.

Personally I would want to go beyond MP.


And where would that take you?

Hmm since I have started collecting again I was quite surprised at the level Bandai Soul of Chogokin and the new Macross figures has gone up. I personally love SOC toys a lot and I do think SOC toys are at least a level above MP.


I know many that would agree.

Well some might argue about playability.

That too.

But as always I would want to achieve that balance of playability, design, articulation, finish and durability.

The holy Quintinity! OMG, Quintessons as the perfect toy philosophy embodiment!!

There are a lot more factors. One of the most important is cost of course and for others the speed of release.

We are still learning and I’ve got a lot to learn before I can create a figure that I can be completely pleased with.


Faster than the current factory?

At this point in time I’m pretty sure any factory will be faster than the one we have currently. But we’ll still need to work hard to make sure that the product quality is on par.

It all sounds great! So when can I preorder.

You can paypal me the money now.

K, just don’t keep me waiting more than a year like for a certain bird bot.

I got a feeling it’ll take more than a year to release what I’m working on. But we do have something else that might reach the fans sooner.

It should be quite easy to differentiate my personal projects from others.

Ox related?

All of them are ox styled. I have a thing for articulation since azalea.



Ox style = can do the dirty pose?

What dirty pose?

*puts vos *


No I don’t think all the figures from this line will be able to do this but this has kinda become my personal standard for good articulation. We can call this the Turnman Maneuver, like Blue Steel and Magnum!

I do love posable figures lol

Posability is a double edged sword. It can hurt the handling of the figure if not done right, especially in transformation. Some people prefer simpler stuff just as SOCs are not meant for everyone and very often super articulation takes away space for transformations but I’ll try to find a balance.

Think the posability on Rex could have been better? Some say it’s hard to pose.

Hmm Rex is a little too heavy for his own good and on hindsight we should have used rubber soles like what Fans Project did for M3 I love those grippy feet. And I do think that we needed better designed joints for a figure this weight.

I’m still experimenting for easy fixes as well as better solutions for future designs.

Soooo, you gonna copy TFC’s add on packs?

Well I can’t answer for MMC but if we are able to find solutions using add ons they will probably be sold at cost.



I don’t think it’s possible to find any easy way to strengthen already weakened joints but rubber soles might be possible.

I didn’t have any issues posing my Rex but then again I don’t do demanding poses in my glass cabinet.

I do have a possible DIY solution for strengthening the ratchets but it might take some time to find the right materials.

There’s this awesome fanclub that has this method of making the Rex elbows stronger that you have to see to believe.

Which fanclub?

Is this interview ever gonna end?

Yeah. Time to cut. Need my siesta… So anything else you would like to add or clear up? This is your chance.


Hmm… Let’s wrap it up with this

I have a personal philosophy as a toy designer: whether licensed or unlicensed, you usually only get a single chance to design a toy for a certain character. For example, as much as I like the Studio Ox PK, there’s probably no chance for me to redo the character under MMC with the existence of Rex and the other representations. Only the license holder is able to revisit a character but as a designer, its quite unlikely that he’d get to work on that same character again. I’m pretty sure my team feels this too subconsciously and as fans, we put in our best efforts to deliver a representation of the characters we love so that we will have no regrets.

Not everyone can appreciate what we do and the effort we spend on the products and there are folks who would just want stuff out asap of course. But I’m pretty sure some of our fans will sense what we try to convey through our products.

And lastly, I personally have this for all our fans out there: Enough of the pretty fans for fans bullshit. We want your money! But at the same time we will ensure that you guys feel that its well spent.

That’s about it.







Interview with MMC’s Griffith76 (part 2)

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