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Everyones favorite psycho murder bot with humongous lips is finally here!! Yep. Believe it. Finally Overlord I mean Carnifex has been released! He sure made us wait, but I would say that the videos and pictures that are popping up on the Internetz show it was well worth it. To celebrate the occasion, the good people at Planet Steel Express have persuaded the head guys at Mastermind Creations to share with the MMC Hub a bit of what took place behind the scenes of the creation of Mr. Sexylips. In other words, having nearly 750 fans signed up to the MMC Hub Facebook group has gotten their attention. And expect this sponsoring by PSX of the MMC Hub to continue in the future in interesting ways. If things go well, who knows *cough*stuff*cough*.

“You are sir!”

The story begins

Now then, lets get down to the origins of Carnifex. What could be considered the starting point of this story was a little limited series that brought some obscure character from TF lore into the spotlight. IDWs 2010 five issue The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers made fans fall in love with a certain villain; a ruthlessly violent tyrant that felt he was worth more than Megatron and his Decepticons but with had a deep rooted inferiority complex. His backstory would be later expanded on Transformers More than Meets the Eye (a must read series if you care at all about Transformers). His appearances have cemented him as a fan favorite of IDWs Transformers universe.

These ain’t your 80’s Transformers!

Before Roche and Roberts injected Overlord with both botox and personality he was just basically another one of those Japanese season transformers. Still the Masterforce toy was very cool: it had two vehicle modes that combined to form a giant robot and a base mode (there were also machine-human hybrids folded inside his tits but you know, Japanese TF, am I right?)

Really wish I wasn’t right…
Overlord 2
… thanks, my eyes needed that…

Overlord 1

Anyways, the toy only got a European and Australian release and nothing of note in terms of character development in the comicbooks of the time. So, in other words, Overlords impact on the Western TF mythos was limited. It was thanks to that blank slate in terms of personality and name recognition that the LSOTW writers were able to go crazy. Really murder crazy.

Just looking at it hurts!

There was also another big factor that contributed to Carnifexs creation: while popular now, Overlord was completely forgotten in toy form save for a repaint. Back then the soul of Third Party Transformers toys was still giving fans the chance of owning modern versions of loved characters that official releases had relegated to the sidelines or completely ignored. From the start the guys at Mastermind Creations wanted to go for the IDW version of Overlord while still giving a nod to the original Japanese toy.


The First

Third Party designer Cassy was the man chosen to make this amalgamation of toy and comic possible. The design had to be a modern take on the toy while also going for the feel that the comic character had created around it. As you will see, what Cassy originally designed went through a lot of changes before taking its final released form; about 40% to be precise. The leg parts fit the bill from the start; the tank followed the look of an alien tank like the comic contrary to the more Earth like tank the original toy had.

Tank 5

The plane mode was another story. It also followed a more spaceship-ish design like the comic, which was what MMC wanted, but there was some problems.


For starters the size was small. When combined in robot mode, the two vehicles didnt capture the larger than life presence that the Wreckers story suggested.


Come back tomorrow to behold the missing link between the original Overlord toy and MMC Carnifex!!

Remember the good old blackedout image days? Anybody?


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