Welcome to part 2 of Carnifex: a behind the scenes story.

Part 1

The first version looked like Overlord but there was a certain lankiness to the design due to the small torso and long arms. Griffith, MMCs head engineer, went about redesigning the core of the torso.

The missing link!

By then, the signature Cassy ridges were very out of fashion among fans. While not overloaded with them as MMCs Hexatron, the Carnifex design still had quite a few bigger liberties in regards to surface detail than the fandom was willing to accept. The arms were smoothed out and the design of the chest and abdomen were completely dropped in favor of a look that was closer to the source material. In the end, the arms were basically the only things that were kept from the upper body of the original Carnifex.

Exhibitionist action!

The weapons and accessories went thru some tweaks here and there to streamline them and remove ridges. Other things were dropped like the saw attachment that can be seen in the original renders.

Reflector repaint?

The look and transformation of the wings was dropped too in favor of a more robust design that also minimized the visual weight of the ridge work when looked from the back in robot mode. This also made possible a rather awesome looking combined altmode. The working abdominal guns rounded up what was now a more powerful looking built that more closely captured the spirit of Overlord.

Sign me up for that exercise program!

Another thing that was missing from the original design was a base mode. Of course the IDW version didnt have anything like that, but MMC still wanted to give fans that extra callback to the roots of the character. It was one of the key features of the original toy after all. With that in mind, Griffith went about his Carnifex partial redesign with the goal of also giving the big guy the possibility of a base mode.

“All your base are belong to us”

Them lips

Then came the final yet some would say most important step to capture a character: the face. If one thing caught peoples attention in the Wreckers story, it was the expressive face that Roche had given Overlord in the comic. In other words, those big honking lips.

“Nah, I’ll just stay here”

The original sculp had character but it was missing that over the top craziness that made Roches Overlord stand out.

Lip action

Griffith went to work sculpting in Zbrush to get a more organic look to the face. Getting those sexy lips using sharp angles would have been impossible. From the myriad of face expressions that Overlord made in his comicbook appearances two were chosen that captured the craziness of the giant robot.

Old face sculpts

With that it was complete and ready for production or so MMC thought. The thing with big ass toy robots is that their production process and costs grows exponentially the bigger they are. Carnifex would be MMCs second biggest figure after Feral Rex. They had learned a lot about big figures with their third biggest toy: the Hearts of Steel Cyclops. At the same time Feral Rex taught them about big combiners. Carnifex is a bit of both; a giant robot that is also the result of a combination of other parts. The connection between the torso and the legs demanded to be carefully tested. The bigger a toy is, the easier it is to have the joints become a loose mess due to the increased weigh. At the same time MMC was moving towards making more releases and starting the OX Perfection Series of Masterpiece / Studio OX inspired transformer figures. Once the tolerance and joint problems were sorted out, the production schedule chosen and factory picked, Carnifex could go into production save for the headache inducing hurdle of choosing a color scheme. The existence of subtle differences meant that you wouldnt be able to satisfy both Masterforce and IDW fans alike. In the end this was to be a representation of the IDW Overlord first and foremost so it was decided to go with that scheme. There was one little compromise: the forearm color; to keep the look of the jet mode smooth they had to be all black.

Delicious eye candy courtesy of tfw2005 member unicron nemesis

As for the future of Carnifex, well, Ive been told by MMC that there are no plans to do a Masterforce repaint of Carnifex. What they might end up doing is an upgrade kit to masterfoce-up Carnifex. So Godmaster fans,there is hope!!

“W’up son?”

Well, this about wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed this inside look at what goes on behind the creation of third party toy. More Carnifex stock will ship from Planet Steel Express starting the third week of October. Those who get him from PSX will also receiveanexclusive harpoon with real metal wire for the MMC Reformattted Spartan. So you can live out those evil robot eye gouging fantasies in the comfort of your own home.

Awesome photo by tfw2005 forums member tekering

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Carnifex: a behind the scenes story, part 2