The Mastermind Creations and the MMC Hub Kultur Repaint Contest

Kultur contest pic


We want YOU to come up with a cool idea for a repaint for the MMC Reformatted R-19 Kultur. You can base it around TF lore, be it G1, G2, G69, Shattered Glass or that overpowered TF you came up with in 5th grade whatever, we just want something that makes the Kultur mold look cool. Doesnt mean an actual repaint will come out of all of this but who knows, right?

Since not everyone has been bitten by a radioactive copy of Photoshop, we will provide clear pics of Kultur for easy coloring curtesy of TFW’s Hardreturn. You can print and color them by hand or let your kids have a go if you want (you will be responsible for the entry).

The grand prize winner will get: One unit of MMCs Reformatted R-28 Tyrantron.

If, and only IF MMC falls in love enough with the design and decides to make it real, the party responsible for it will also receive a copy of the resulting toy.

Participating is important. It shows MMC that fans are involved and also that giving some prizes to the MMC Hub now and then is worth it. If we can get a big number of contestants, MMC will provide more prizes. Same thing if we break the 1k member barrier.


– Any Mastermind Creations fan member of the MMC Hub Facebook group can participate.
– Submissions are to be emailed to starting now.
– There is no limit to the amount of submissions one can enter as long as they arrive before the closing date of February 28th 11:59 pm US EST.
– Entries must be in a traditional and easy to open image file.
– Subject of the email must be Kultur contest and in the message tell us the name you use on Facebook and who the repaint represents, if its supposed to represent anybody/thing in particular, or the inspiration for your scheme. Keep it short. I know it is fantastic but we dont have time to read everyones 100 page fanfiction essay.
– IMPORTANT: after youve send you email, post in this thread:
Just a simple message saying you have participated in the contest. You will get a reply to confirm we got your repaint ideas (might take 24/48h for a reply but just wait). Thread will be pinned and heavily moderated to only leave participants entry messages. Try to send all your ideas in a single email.
– From out of all the entries received the MMC Hub staff and the higher ups over at Mastermind Creations will pick the ones that we consider the coolest ideas. (Remember, you dont need to be a Photoshop God to enter). These will be the runners up. The grand prize winner, as well as second and first places, will be decided by a final voting made by MMC Hub members (that means you). Mastermind Creations and the MMC Hub reserve to right to hand out other honorable mentions or special prizes if they choose so.
– If it so happens that two or more participants get the SAME EXACT IDEA, the one we receive first is the one that will be considered first.
– Depending on the rate of submissions, a single post or periodical ones will be made showcasing peoples ideas for all to see.
– Try to have fun!

Kultur base

Kultur base B&W

Kultural News

Kultural experience


Lot’s of members of the MMC Hub Facebook group showing how happy they are with their great pics of MMCs Refformated R-19 Kultur. The dude really evokes a commanding presence!! But what if there could be more? Dont get me wrong, MMC did a fantastic job given the small amount of material available for IDWs Tarn at the time the design was finalized; but I ask again, what if there could be more? Something to give our Kultur an extra cherry on top? If youve been following recently the TFWs Kultur thread, you might have heard some members there suggesting an upgrade set for Kultur and ideas for it. Stuff like a more curved faceplate, less overcompensating cannon, articulated hands Because, why not? A few months ago an upgrade kit for Carnifex was something MMC wasnt even going to bother with and now it is a reality, up for preorder on the webstore of your liking. And that was THANKS TO YOU! You who supported the idea of there being tiny tip people for Carnifex; you who said would be on board for an upgrade set, even if you werent a Masterforce fan to begin with; you who liked a 3P company listening to the fans… (BTW, thanks guys for showing so much support for the Carnifex upgrade kit, really)

So here we are again with a chance to show that listening to fans can also benefit companies. Post here your ideas of what you would consider cool additions to a possible upgrade set for Kultur. It might be cool little details or references or even stuff that by itself would probably not be popular enough to deserve a stand alone release. Now, just like with the Carnifex upgrade set, posting your ideas doesnt mean they will become reality or that there will be an upgrade set to begin with; but your support certainly is a step towards making it a reality. Again, just look at the Carnifex kit. So please like, post and share.

And now the big news. Ready? Ive already given you a wall of text above so Ill keep it short. Here it goes: Mastermind Creations is sponsoring a repaint contest for their fans in the MMC Hub. Bring your hidden artist out for all to see and you might end up winning something or, who knows, getting your idea turned into reality!! No need to be a Photoshop genius to participate. So stay tuned for information about prizes and the actual details about the contest.
Thanks for the time guys. And remember: make noise, constructive noise, show MMC you like them listening to you and that it is worth their time doing so.

Carnifex: a behind the scenes story, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Carnifex: a behind the scenes story.

Part 1

The first version looked like Overlord but there was a certain lankiness to the design due to the small torso and long arms. Griffith, MMCs head engineer, went about redesigning the core of the torso.

The missing link!

By then, the signature Cassy ridges were very out of fashion among fans. While not overloaded with them as MMCs Hexatron, the Carnifex design still had quite a few bigger liberties in regards to surface detail than the fandom was willing to accept. The arms were smoothed out and the design of the chest and abdomen were completely dropped in favor of a look that was closer to the source material. In the end, the arms were basically the only things that were kept from the upper body of the original Carnifex.

Exhibitionist action!

The weapons and accessories went thru some tweaks here and there to streamline them and remove ridges. Other things were dropped like the saw attachment that can be seen in the original renders.

Reflector repaint?

The look and transformation of the wings was dropped too in favor of a more robust design that also minimized the visual weight of the ridge work when looked from the back in robot mode. This also made possible a rather awesome looking combined altmode. The working abdominal guns rounded up what was now a more powerful looking built that more closely captured the spirit of Overlord.

Sign me up for that exercise program!

Another thing that was missing from the original design was a base mode. Of course the IDW version didnt have anything like that, but MMC still wanted to give fans that extra callback to the roots of the character. It was one of the key features of the original toy after all. With that in mind, Griffith went about his Carnifex partial redesign with the goal of also giving the big guy the possibility of a base mode.

“All your base are belong to us”

Them lips

Then came the final yet some would say most important step to capture a character: the face. If one thing caught peoples attention in the Wreckers story, it was the expressive face that Roche had given Overlord in the comic. In other words, those big honking lips.

“Nah, I’ll just stay here”

The original sculp had character but it was missing that over the top craziness that made Roches Overlord stand out.

Lip action

Griffith went to work sculpting in Zbrush to get a more organic look to the face. Getting those sexy lips using sharp angles would have been impossible. From the myriad of face expressions that Overlord made in his comicbook appearances two were chosen that captured the craziness of the giant robot.

Old face sculpts

With that it was complete and ready for production or so MMC thought. The thing with big ass toy robots is that their production process and costs grows exponentially the bigger they are. Carnifex would be MMCs second biggest figure after Feral Rex. They had learned a lot about big figures with their third biggest toy: the Hearts of Steel Cyclops. At the same time Feral Rex taught them about big combiners. Carnifex is a bit of both; a giant robot that is also the result of a combination of other parts. The connection between the torso and the legs demanded to be carefully tested. The bigger a toy is, the easier it is to have the joints become a loose mess due to the increased weigh. At the same time MMC was moving towards making more releases and starting the OX Perfection Series of Masterpiece / Studio OX inspired transformer figures. Once the tolerance and joint problems were sorted out, the production schedule chosen and factory picked, Carnifex could go into production save for the headache inducing hurdle of choosing a color scheme. The existence of subtle differences meant that you wouldnt be able to satisfy both Masterforce and IDW fans alike. In the end this was to be a representation of the IDW Overlord first and foremost so it was decided to go with that scheme. There was one little compromise: the forearm color; to keep the look of the jet mode smooth they had to be all black.

Delicious eye candy courtesy of tfw2005 member unicron nemesis

As for the future of Carnifex, well, Ive been told by MMC that there are no plans to do a Masterforce repaint of Carnifex. What they might end up doing is an upgrade kit to masterfoce-up Carnifex. So Godmaster fans,there is hope!!

“W’up son?”

Well, this about wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed this inside look at what goes on behind the creation of third party toy. More Carnifex stock will ship from Planet Steel Express starting the third week of October. Those who get him from PSX will also receiveanexclusive harpoon with real metal wire for the MMC Reformattted Spartan. So you can live out those evil robot eye gouging fantasies in the comfort of your own home.

Awesome photo by tfw2005 forums member tekering

Be sure to share this and tell your friends and colleagues about the MMC Hub Facebook. The more members we get, the bigger change of cool stuff coming our way. Bye!


Carnifex: a behind the scenes story

IDW Ready

Everyones favorite psycho murder bot with humongous lips is finally here!! Yep. Believe it. Finally Overlord I mean Carnifex has been released! He sure made us wait, but I would say that the videos and pictures that are popping up on the Internetz show it was well worth it. To celebrate the occasion, the good people at Planet Steel Express have persuaded the head guys at Mastermind Creations to share with the MMC Hub a bit of what took place behind the scenes of the creation of Mr. Sexylips. In other words, having nearly 750 fans signed up to the MMC Hub Facebook group has gotten their attention. And expect this sponsoring by PSX of the MMC Hub to continue in the future in interesting ways. If things go well, who knows *cough*stuff*cough*.

“You are sir!”

The story begins

Now then, lets get down to the origins of Carnifex. What could be considered the starting point of this story was a little limited series that brought some obscure character from TF lore into the spotlight. IDWs 2010 five issue The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers made fans fall in love with a certain villain; a ruthlessly violent tyrant that felt he was worth more than Megatron and his Decepticons but with had a deep rooted inferiority complex. His backstory would be later expanded on Transformers More than Meets the Eye (a must read series if you care at all about Transformers). His appearances have cemented him as a fan favorite of IDWs Transformers universe.

These ain’t your 80’s Transformers!

Before Roche and Roberts injected Overlord with both botox and personality he was just basically another one of those Japanese season transformers. Still the Masterforce toy was very cool: it had two vehicle modes that combined to form a giant robot and a base mode (there were also machine-human hybrids folded inside his tits but you know, Japanese TF, am I right?)

Really wish I wasn’t right…
Overlord 2
… thanks, my eyes needed that…

Overlord 1

Anyways, the toy only got a European and Australian release and nothing of note in terms of character development in the comicbooks of the time. So, in other words, Overlords impact on the Western TF mythos was limited. It was thanks to that blank slate in terms of personality and name recognition that the LSOTW writers were able to go crazy. Really murder crazy.

Just looking at it hurts!

There was also another big factor that contributed to Carnifexs creation: while popular now, Overlord was completely forgotten in toy form save for a repaint. Back then the soul of Third Party Transformers toys was still giving fans the chance of owning modern versions of loved characters that official releases had relegated to the sidelines or completely ignored. From the start the guys at Mastermind Creations wanted to go for the IDW version of Overlord while still giving a nod to the original Japanese toy.


The First

Third Party designer Cassy was the man chosen to make this amalgamation of toy and comic possible. The design had to be a modern take on the toy while also going for the feel that the comic character had created around it. As you will see, what Cassy originally designed went through a lot of changes before taking its final released form; about 40% to be precise. The leg parts fit the bill from the start; the tank followed the look of an alien tank like the comic contrary to the more Earth like tank the original toy had.

Tank 5

The plane mode was another story. It also followed a more spaceship-ish design like the comic, which was what MMC wanted, but there was some problems.


For starters the size was small. When combined in robot mode, the two vehicles didnt capture the larger than life presence that the Wreckers story suggested.


Come back tomorrow to behold the missing link between the original Overlord toy and MMC Carnifex!!

Remember the good old blackedout image days? Anybody?


Part 2

Yes, the webpage is alive

Carnifex teaser

Hi there fellow MMC fans! Turnman here with a status report. Yes, like the tittle says, this webpage is still alive. While the Facebook MMC Hub group has been active the webpage on the other hand has been in slumber mode. It is just easier that way if you don’t have the free time to update. There is also the fact that FB just makes things easier for people to not have to leave FB. In that regard the FB group has been doing pretty well in getting the latest MMC related news thanks to fan input.

Im also updating the site because there are good news brewing as I write this. We are growing and people are taking notice of the benefits of having a big concentration of MMC fans in one place. You can see that I’ve posted a few pictures of a special work in processbased around this guy:


Yeah, him. And if all goes well, people show interest and we keep growing as a group this project might end up being more than just another cool custom.


So that is all for now. In a few days expect to see a special article centered around certain big lipped robot. Stay tuned.


Interview with Jesslyn, MMC’s newest designer!



A few days ago I had the luck of chatting up with MMC’s latest designer. You might have noticed her Facebook page,Jesslyn Makes Robots. Yes, her; women can also like Transformers!

Disclaimer: Like in my interviews with Griffith76 (here and here), Jesslyn speaks as herself and not on behalf of MMC.

Hope you enjoy!



How about you tell me how you got into TF?

Okay! It’s the cartoon’s fault; I loved it.

It was on every afternoon after school, and mum ended up buying me some of the toys, and they just were so different to anything I’d had before.

So you’re a geewunner? Any favourites?

This was around 1989? So I had Monstructor, and a few of the Seacons, and a bunch of Micromasters. I was at the tail end of g1.

Whenever I got a new one I’d arrange everybody in a circle to introduce each other like ‘hi! I turn into a manta ray! Oh wow that’s so cool, look at me I turn into a motor bike! Haha, they were all very peaceful and proud of themselves.

Peace through respectful introductions!

Haha yes!

Then for Christmas I got Powermaster Optimus prime and that was my favourite forever, mum still talks about how excited I was.


You still have any of them?

All of them actually! I could never bring myself to part with them. I wish Ihad the shelf space to have them all out rather than suffocating in a crate, though.


Have you kept up with any of the series that came after G1?

Very much yes! I loved beast wars, and I’m pretty sure it was that and the episode where Megatron shot G1 Optimus on the ark that made me want to do 3d fanart.

sfcpose2 copy

So that was the spark that put you on the track you are now? From playing Hostess at Transformers introduction parties to playing creator god of Transformers!?

Haha! I hadn’t thought about it like that 😀

I have to credit Azim Venksta though, so much is his fault.


He saw your 3d work?

I’ve known him since I was 15. We were both doing 3d fanart way back in 99/00.

So you’ve been part of the TF community for a long time!

I pretty much had stopped by 2005 because the spark had gone; Azim kept going and started his Renderform business.


So one day he called you up to go at it again?

He has always been so supportive of my work and last year he wanted me to collaborate with him on some heads for Renderform, so you could say he pulled me out of retirement as far as this went haha.


Seeing Vulcan it was sure worth it!

So we did the head for Toyworld’s Orion, and some IDW style heads for Fansproject Code and Smart Robin, along with some others that will hopefully see the light one day one of which was for MMC’s Predaqueen:D

Ssshhh, we don’t talk about her anymore!


She was actually my first interaction with MMC. Azim had designed a head for her and I modeled it.

People expect to see her at Cons but they always get Seraph instead.

It doesn’t help that I have one of the prototype heads all the way down here in Australia haha.

You are full of scary predators down there; she must feel right at home!

Haha good point!

So MMC liked what you did and approached you?

Basically yeah. They even remembered some of the fanart I’d done ten years ago! I must have really made an impression.


I started off buying Feral Rex like anybody else and never dreamed I’d be working with them, let alone my first project being alternate heads for the Feralcons:D

They first popped up on display in Jaegertron’s trophy cabinet at the Singapore con.

And how was the transition from heads to full body?

Heads are often the hardest part to get right so it was like a holiday haha.

Vulcan was my first full project. I had the G1 toy of Inferno thanks to the gold box Australian/European reissues in 1990, so he was one I was fond of.

I spent more time thinking about fire trucks than I ever wanted to, haha.

So it was even more special for you then! Cool. Saw your explanations for the text on the side of the firetruck. It really shows that you went the extra mile to make it special!

Thankyou! I was so worried that fans might find it controversial given how much complaining and analysis went into, say Sphinx’s Citanes font or Goofyear branding. And that was just a tiny little letter change for copyright reasons and not a big splashy fire department deco.

If you want to piss off fans then let’s do it the right way: Toon accurate or Toy accurate?

Haha I have to say toon; though the cartoon is not even accurate to itself! Using it for reference is a nightmare when they look different from episode to episode. Or frame to frame, even! You have to sort of either pick one that is the best representation or average them out.

Wrong! That was a trick question. You should have said “OX Style, OF COURSE!!”

Haha oops XD

OX does a fantastic job of adding extra detail and heroic style to the cartoon designs. Imagine if the cartoon had been animated like that! I did the head for Sphinx, which seemed very divisive, but I think I captured a look that suits him, the proto just looked off with the paint being so thick, all the crispness was lost.

Good last minute safe. I’m sure MMC approves!

Speaking of fans, how has your interaction with them been?

Really positive! A few remember my old fanart as well, and no one has come to my page just to diss my work yet haha.

I don’t really interact much on the major fansites anymore but Ido lurk and read quite a bit.

Any offers from other companies?

Haha yes actually but I have so much work lined up already between MMC and Corbot-V

Corbot-V happened through Azim, again XD




That cool Allicon? (BTW, thanks Azim for getting Jesslyn into TF toy designing!)

Yeah! I’m proud of that one because I had to design the transformation and everything entirely from scratch. With the Vulcan and the other secret future OX figures I’ve worked on we have an expert transformation designer for the engineering who passes on a blocky model to be detailed and polished. So it’s very much a collaboration for OX.

Sounds like a tag team. How does that work exactly?

The transformation designer, who I believe wishes to remain anonymous, does his magic engineering the transformation in a really simple blocky fashion. So for Vulcan I had this as a starting point.


So along with detailing him up, I refine the look and add some features. I made the body of the truck as gapless as possible, made functional side stabilizers, the hand hose weapon swapping gimmick without detaching parts, a second knee joint, etc.

Do you have a dream project you wish to work on?

I’m actually working on two of them right now ;D

But for one I’m actually able to mention I’d love to do IDW Nautica; she’s so precious.

So you’re a IDW comic fan too?

So much, MTMTE specifically! It was the first Windblade series that got me into them, though.

Jesslyn collection1

Big fan I see! I would really love to see more sisters for Azalea on the Reformatted line!

Anything else you would like to say?

I don’t know! I just… I still can’t really believe this is all happening and that my love for a cartoon and years of poor financial choices with the toy collecting haha would lead to actually MAKING the toys I love so much. This is why my page says I fell accidentally into the world of toy design! I didn’t seek it out; and now, wow, I am so lucky <3

Sometimes out hobbies end up defining us. Very glad you’ve given me the chance to talkyou Jesslyn!

Thankyou! You’re welcome~


(All the 3D render you can see here were created by Jesslyn)


Stratosfear is the Stormbringer!

And continuing the TFcon reveals this year comes Stratosfear, the latest addition to the Mastermind Creations Reformatted line. Inspired directly form Thunderwing and the IDW comic Strombringer comes a big guy with a lot going on.



And if you look closer in the upper right side of the pic above you will see that Stratosfear here also comes with a Pretender gimmick.

TFCon-USA-2015-508 TFCon-USA-2015-506

Vulcan (aka Inferno) full reveal

Vulcan (aka Inferno) Full reveal


This years TFcon has seen the debut of the next figure in the Ocular Max line, Mastermind Creations Studio OX inspired masterpiece style figures!


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this guy come into fruition from early 3d designsand I have to say I love that fire truck altmode.

The heavy red guy sports a lot of diecast metal parts as well as a detailed interior with a steering wheel and working doors. Expect chrome and a paint job that will do the renders justice.






Photos thanks to: